How to simplify your closet

Staying organized is the key to dressing. If you can’t see your wardrobe, you can’t see the potential that there is within it!

Here are a few tips to keep your closet clean! 

  1. Keep it simple: Hang/ fold like things and keep it all together.
  2. Organize by style: I prefer to organize by style rather than color because I find it easier to locate items. Also, you can wear most colors all year round, so by organizing your space by style you can better see what you have within each category of clothing. 
  3. Hang it up: I have the tiniest closet known to man, but I have found that hanging everything that I possibly can, is the best way to see what you have. When you keep your clothing in drawers it tends to get pushed to the back or lost under a pile of other things which results in forgetting about your favorite top or pair of pants.

  4. Quarterly clean outs: I recommend cleaning out your entire wardrobe two-four times a year, this way you are always keeping things fresh and tidy. I try and tell myself that if I haven’t worn an item in within a few months of buying it or within the last six months, it needs to go! 
  5. Keep only what fits: Be honest with yourself here! If you really want to simplify, let go of those "what if" items that you're hanging onto. Whether it be one of the ten grey shirts you have that you "might need one day", or those jeans that you have been waiting to lose/gain weight to fit into again! 


Heres to the new year, and a new you! Lets get the best out of our closets! I would love to help you keep your closet tidy or update your wardrobe throughout the seasons!