5 on-the-go workouts

With all of the traveling this summer, it's so hard to stay on a good workout routine. When I am at home it is easy to stay on schedule and get in a run or circuit training workout every day, but when I am out of town its a different story! 

When I am home, I use the Kayla Itsiness workout plan. I have been using it for a while now, and I love it! She makes it so easy to get your workout done in a decent amount of time and you can do it at home with very little equipment!

Although I love this workout and it usually only takes me about 35-40 minutes, I have found that it’s harder to do it when I’m on vacation because I prefer a quicker routine. 

When I am traveling I try my best to get some kind of workout in every day, whether it's cardio or just a quick 5 minute ab video (but lets be honest, that doesn’t always happen!) 

So if you’re looking for a quick circuit to do with your busy summer schedule, these are a couple of my go-to workout moves! Here are five moves that I think are both quick and effective that you can do anywhere to stay fit this summer!


No. 1: lunges 

20-25 reps

No. 2: plank

hold for 1 minute

No. 3: squats

20-25 reps

No. 4: tricep dips

20-25 reps

No. 5:

v ups

20-25 reps 


To start out I recommend going through this circuit 3 full times, doing 20-25 reps for each move, holding the plank for one minute each time! These moves are simple, but you are going to feel it the next day! 



After following Kayla Itsiness workout plan, I have learned that stretching is very important. Be sure to set aside at least five minutes to stretch before and after your workout. I learned the hard way that this is make or break essential when exercising. Leaving time for stretching will determine how sore/not sore you are going to be the next day and also help your muscles heal much quicker!


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