Business Casual

These days, I believe that you can pretty much dress up or dress down (almost) anything in your wardrobe and make it appropriate for most occasions. When it comes to work, I know that today, a lot of companies are much more lenient with their dress code and allow their employees to dress more on the casual side, regardless of where you work! 


I just recently started an internship at a retail store, and even though I have a very laid back dress code, having to find something to wear everyday can still be challenging! So I know for those of you who can't just throw on anything from your closet, dressing for the office every day of the week can be hard, which is why I am going to show you the simplest way to turn any of your wardrobe favorite into office attire! 

Black jeans and a cute top are a duo that I choose very often, which makes dressing business casual even easier because I can wear some of my favorite outfits! So to start, I just paired one of my favorite everyday tops with a classic black pant! This is the part that you can really play around with, as far as color and style when you're choosing your top! Because we are going to do a pretty simple look overall, pretty much anything goes when choosing your top! I think it is great to choose a bright color, or even a pattern!  (For the pants, I would recommend no rips or holes of any kind, to keep it professional.) 


When choosing a top, I tend to look for something with a pattern and/or texture, just to add a little something fun and edgy to your look. I mean it is called "business casual" for a reason!  From there all I did was throw on a simple black blazer and loafer style shoe to finish this look! Especially now with street style being so popular, women are wearing blazers over anything and everything. I love the sohphsitcated yet casual look that you can portray with a simple third piece. You could absolutely do no wrong by investing in  a good blazer because just by adding it or any type of tailored jacket to your outfit, will really transform the feel of the whole look and give you a professional aesthetic! As far as shoes go, rather than pairing our outfit with a sandal or wedge that you would typically go for, gravitate towards a loafer of some sort, or just a nicer closed toe shoe! 


It doesn't seem complicated at all, because it really isn't! I feel like when anyone sees "business casual" as a requirement for an event or presentation, we are quick to panic because they feel that they don't have anything "nice enough" to wear. Yes, this is a simple outfit that you may not normally associate with "business" or "office attire", but by pairing it with the right pieces you can transform most anything in your closet to be suitable for work! 


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Black skinnies | American Eagle    Pintuck Blouse | Old Navy        Loafers | Free People  

 Blazer | Target         Sunnies | Amazon 

I have linked below the items that I am wearing, as well as some similar styles and ideas! 

Xo, Caroline