Name brand knock-offs

Polka dots are totally back, and everyone is ready to put their modern twist on this classic print. After being worn show after show during fashion week, you can find every “it” girl in some sort of polka dotted piece. This fall, polka dots are sort of like the gingham of summer. Make a statement by wearing this print oversized, combined with a bright color, or wear your polka dot print tiny on a pretty fabric. However you choose to incorporate this feminine print into your wardrobe, it's no doubt that you will fit right in with the latest and greatest trends!


Recently I have found that I am digging further and further back into my moms closet when I get dressed in the morning! I have been so drawn to her oldest, but best pieces, that just so happen to be coming right back into style. This sweet wrap dress with tiny little dot print was the perfect find on my daily hunt through moms closet. 

This dress is nearly twenty years old but there are plenty just like it that i am going to link below!!

On another note, I have had my eye on these slip on loafers for some time now. Originally, this shoe is by Gucci but almost every brand has their own little version now that comes at a slightly lower price point. I was never sure which ones to go with, but after I saw this pair at Target I knew I had to swipe them up. For only $25 it was basically a no brainer. I just love this shoe with almost everything in my closet, and can't wait to sport them all throughout the fall. 


Finding goodies like these, for such a good price, make my day and I always end up getting the most wear out of them! I am going to share with you a few of my favorite knock off products that look almost identical to the original.

  1. Slip on loafers: Target vs. Gucci
  2. Matte square sunglasses: Amazon vs. Celine
  3. Woven Circle bag: Etsy vs. Posse
  4. Cartier bracelet: Amazon vs. Cartier

These are just a few of the things where I had to opt for the cheaper version, but did not regret my decision in the slightest. I am going to list a few more items that are high fashion inspired, but at an affordable price! 

Ribbed Trumpet Sleeve Sweater  |  Small Oval Sunglasses  |  Platform Oxford Shoes

Pom Pom Sneakers  |  Platform Oxford  |  Block Strap Heel  |  Jogger Hiking Boot 

Xo, Caroline 

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