Accessorizing with Slick Case

I am so excited to tell you guys about some new amazing products that I had the privilege of trying out, thanks to Slick Case! It was actually perfect timing, because I had been looking for a new laptop case for a while and just couldn’t find one that i loved...until now!! I was so thrilled when Slick Case reached out to me about their tech products! I had never heard of this brand before and I was so excited to look at everything they had to offer and...WOW!

You can click HERE to visit their website and find pretty much anything you need to dress up all of your devices! You can find laptop cases, Ipad cases, keyboard covers and Iphone cases all sold separately, or even get them all bundled together, which is what I decided to do!


I chose to get the Albastrine Marble Package that included the laptop and phone case as well as the keyboard cover and I am beyond thrilled with every product that I received.

They marble pattern is so aesthetically pleasing and gives your products a little something fun while still keeping it very simple. I think that this pattern in particular is something that will never go out of style and is fitting for everyone! 

These products are also extremely protective, which is a huge plus! I am not one to sacrifice the look of a product or even a piece of clothing just because it isn’t the very best quality, but with Slick Case you don’t have to sacrifice either one!

The keyboard cover in particular is something that I have always been skeptical of because of silicone material, but after having it, I don't know how I ever went without one! Not only does it look so cool but It also prevents any dust or spills to get between your keys, keeping your computer as protected as possible! I love that their products are all so well made without breaking the bank.....this one is pretty much a no brainer!! 


Tip: Slick Case is based in China so their products will take slightly longer to get to you, than US products, so I would allow about two weeks for shipping. If this worries you, don't hesitate at all to contact their company. They were SO helpful and kind, responding to me so quickly with any questions I had! 

I have been more than pleased with everything, from the packaging to the actual products, and have only good things to say about this company! 


I have linked their website as well as the direct link to the package I received throughout the post, but will also be linking them below! 

Slick Case Site |  Alabastrine Marble Package | Slick Case Instagram 

I hope that you guys love these products just as much as I do, and if you do then you are in luck!! Slick Case has given me a discount code to offer you guys 15% off of your order!

!!!   Use this code to receive your discount: "SC_CAROLINE"   !!!

Thank you so much to Slick Case for partnering with me on this post!

Xo, Caroline 

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