Fall trends

Crisp morning air…football season…and pumpkin flavor everything. Summer is slowly but surely turning to fall and I think we are all very happy about it! From what I have seen, I am loving the latest fashion trends for the fall and cannot wait to share some of my favorites with you! 

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about some of the biggest trends for the fall!


Here are just a few things that I am excited to see in the new couple of months! 


Kimonos: Last year I wasn’t big on the long duster piece, but this year the 2016 version has been made new. This year, with the silk material and light floral prints, the kimono has more of a feminine touch, which I love. This is an extremely lightweight coat that allows coverage without making you sweat, which makes this piece perfect for transitioning into fall.

Red: The color red was my favorite during the summer months, so I love that it is tagging along for the fall. This power color is one that you are going to want to invest in this season.

Velvet: Last season, velvet was huge but no worries because it is making a quick return! This year, velvet will be back and even better. Get ready to see velvet in all different forms: suits, dresses, skirts, and even shoes. I think by adding this feminine material to your outfits this fall will give your style a unique twist. 

Menswear: I can remember first seeing this style and being very confused at why women were covering up with these oversized men’s style coats and pants, but after seeing this trend find its way to the top, I have seen the best of it too. I will admit that I do love a good blazer, so I have found that by pairing this oversized menswear look with a fitted garment of some sort, you can pull off this look without loosing your shape and still staying up to date on the latest trends!

Plaid: Typically when I think of plaid, in the colder months at least, it’s mostly a grunge look, but this year plaid is back and it’s brighter. But if you aren’t big on the bright and preppy plaid, you can easily tone down your look by pairing with darker, solid pieces. 



There are so many good trends for the fall, so I truly don't think I will be able to choose just one, but for now I am loving Kimonos and anything red, which is why I incorporated both of them into this outfit today!

What are you look forward to most about the fall? Do you have a favorite trend for the upcoming season?


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Xo, Caroline 

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