Summer wedding wardrobe


I don’t know about you but my summer schedule is packed full of weddings! Every weekend I’m searching through my closet for a different dress to wear that is warm weather friendly and appropriate for each event! I have found that my friends often ask the same few questions that i also ask myself when it comes to dressing for a wedding so I am sharing a few tips to help you with your “wedding wardrobe”!

A few tips: 

1. Black is ok– There have been so many “rules” over the years on what colors you can or cannot wear to a wedding but in my opinion, anything goes (almost)! 

2. Avoid white- for obvious reasons its better to let the bride to be the only one in white! 

3. Don’t underdress- Better safe than sorry! summer does not necessarily mean casual! Play it safe and dress a little nicer than you think or opt for a pair of heels rather than flats!

4. Showing skin- Especially during these summer months, it's ok to show a little skin. Most summer dresses or tops are sleeveless anyways so as long as you aren't turning heads, you're good to go! 

I am linking some of my favorite dresses that are both fun and appropriate for any summer wedding! 

Xo, Caroline